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What are the common kinds of idols? How do idols affect hope and meaning? What does joy have to do with idolatry? What frees us from idolatry? How does forgiveness bear on idols? Who is Jesus? What is Gethsemane? What is spiritual warfare against idols? What is the Good News? What is Idolanon?
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What are we living for? Things that kill and die, such as ourselves? Or things that give lasting life? Idols are things that kill. We die if we live for idols. This website aims to identify common human idols -- both spiritual and material idols -- and to have us freed from them. We are truly freed from idols only by the power of God's grace, that is, by the free divine gift of God's Spirit through Jesus. Often we are unaware of the idols that kill us and, as a result, we neglect their deadly roles in our lives. Once we become aware of our idols, we still need power to be freed from them. We find ourselves, however, without the needed power within us. We need help from One who cares for us and has the power to free us. We need the power of a perfectly loving God. The Good News is that such power is in fact available as the prodigal children come Home.
Raphael, Adoring the Golden Calf (1518-19), Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican
Our having idols at all is a spiritual heart problem. It signifies distortion and corruption at the spiritual core of a person. It is, in the end, our failure to put first things first, in particular, the first One first in our lives. Left untreated, our idols empty our lives of peace, joy, and unselfish love. Idolatry begins as theft from God, the gift Giver, as we value something or someone in a way that hinders the love and trust we owe to God. Idolatry turns back on us, however, to keep us from having what we need for true, lasting satisfaction in life. In the end, the greatest human tragedy is idolatry. It diminishes and even severs friendship with God, the only Giver of lasting life and satisfaction. Out of the tragedy of idolatry come all other human woes, including addictions, worries, selfish fears, resentments, jealousies, hatreds, and so on.
Greek cross
Rembrandt,  The Prodigal Son