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What are the common kinds of idols? How do idols affect hope and meaning? What does joy have to do with idolatry? What frees us from idolatry? How does forgiveness bear on idols? Who is Jesus? What is Gethsemane? What is spiritual warfare against idols? What is the Good News? What is Idolanon?
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Idolanon (short for "Idolaters Anonymous") is a Christian outreach ministry that brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to bear against destructive idols and for reconciliation with Jesus and his Father. The ministry is directed by Paul K. Moser ( Loyola University of Chicago is not responsible for this ministry.

It therefore dissents from any kind of counseling that exalts either ourselves, counselors, self-help strategies, or promotes psychological theories, cognitive or behavior modification techniques, or endless diagnostic talk and analysis above the power of God's transforming love. We focus on how this power, thanks to the self-giving life and death of Jesus, frees us from destructive and deadly idols and gives us lives of freedom, peace, joy, and unselfish love.  This is not to claim that psychological intervention is not helpful or even necessary in some cases. It is to claim that an exclusively therapeutic approach to the fatal problem of human idolatry will not, and cannot, effectively resolve the base problems of human powerlessness and brokenness.

Idolanon offers no twelve-step, seven-step, or any other step-designed program. It leaves needed room for the Spirit of God to remove idols in ways tailored to unique individuals. The Good News of Jesus does have core themes that bear on everyone. These themes, however, do not offer a recipe for communicating with people; nor should we want a recipe. Unselfish love demands that we respect people as individuals. In addition, the Good News of Jesus invites people to enter into a friendship with God as Lord. Recipes fall far short here.

Idolanon gives special attention to what is required for people to receive the Good News sincerely. In response to God's Good News of forgiveness in the crucified and risen Jesus, we need to acknowledge before God our desperate need of forgiveness and reconciliation by God. We need to seek His help. In addition, we need to be most grateful for God's gift of forgiveness and reconciliation in Jesus. We need to give sincere thanks to God, again and again and above all else, for His merciful love in Jesus. We also need to respond to the Good News with faithful obedience to Jesus's love commands (Mark 12:28-31). We need to obey him as Lord, just as Jesus faithfully obeyed his Father in Gethsemane (see Mark 14:32-36). These three avenues, concerning help, thanks, and obedience, lead to a fitting response to the One who has sent Jesus to save us from our failures and destructive ways. Idolanon frequents these avenues to point us to the One who alone saves us from our destructive idols.

Idolanon charges no fees. There is no economic or professional motive involved in the efforts of this ministry to promote the Good News of Jesus Christ. As we have freely received God's Good News of Jesus Christ, so also we offer it freely to anyone interested. At most we plant and water, but God always gives the growth. George MacDonald has identified a goal we share:

No teacher should strive to make others think as he thinks, but to lead them to the living Truth, to the Master himself, of whom alone they can learn anything, who will make them in themselves know what is true by the very seeing of it (Unspoken Sermons, Third Series).

We hope and pray that Idolanon will lead all of us in just this way, to Jesus himself, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We welcome your response.