Jesus in Romans

1. The "Good News" (the Gospel) from God is "about" Jesus (1:1-3; cf. 15:19, 16:25).
2. Jesus was shown to be the "Son of God" by his resurrection from the dead (1:4; cf. 6:9).
3. The followers of Jesus are "called" by him (1:6).
4. Jesus is our source of "grace and peace" (1:7; cf. 5:1-2, 16:20).
5. Jesus, in his faithfulness, reveals God's "righteousness, " His right-making goodness (3:22).
6. Jesus is the place of God's "redemption," or "liberation," for us (3:24).
7. God raised "Jesus our Lord from the dead" (4:24; cf. 6:9, 8:11, 10:9).
8. Jesus died for us "because of our transgressions" (4:25).
9. Jesus is our "entryway," or "access," to God's grace and to peace with God, via trust (=faith) (5:1-2).
10. Jesus "died for the ungodly," that is, for us (5:6).
11. Jesus's "death for us" "demonstrates God's love for us" (5:8; cf. 8:32).
12. Jesus's death (his "blood") justifies us (makes us right) with God (5:9).
13. Jesus's death "saves us from the wrath" brought upon us by our sin (5:9).
14. Jesus, through his death, "reconciles" us to God, i.e., brings us into right relationship to Him (5:10-11).
15. Jesus's "life" (his having been raised from the dead) will save us from final death (5:10).
16. The "gift of (God's) grace" is in Jesus (5:15).
17. The "gift of (God's) righteousness" is through Jesus (5:17).
18. The "righteousness" of Jesus brings "justification (right-making) of life" for humans (5:18).
19. The faithful "obedience" of Jesus will "make many people righteous" (right with God) (5:19).
20. Jesus, the antidote to our sin, brings us "grace," "righteousness," and "eternal life" (5:21).
21. The crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus are shared with us, when we are baptized into him (6:4, 6).
22. The resurrection of Jesus is shared with us as we "walk in newness of life" (6:4; cf. 6:8).
23. Jesus "died to sin," and now "lives to God" (6:10). His followers are to do the same (6:11, 13).
24. Eternal life in Jesus "our Lord" is "the free gift of God" to us (6:23).
25. Sharing the death of Jesus, we "died to the Law in order to be joined" to the risen Jesus (7:4).
26. Jesus rescues us from sin and death (7:24-25).
27. The "Spirit of life in Jesus has freed us from the power of sin and of death" (8:2).
28. Jesus was "sent" by God to "condemn sin in the flesh" (8:3).
29. "The Spirit" of Jesus (=the Spirit of God) is had by those who belong to Jesus (8:9).
30. Jesus is "in" his followers (8:10).
31. Jesus's call to "Abba, Father" is now ours too as the mark of our being children of God (8:15).
32. With Jesus, we are "co-heirs" of God, "if we suffer with him so that we may be glorified with him" (8:17).
33. God did not withhold his Son, Jesus, but "gave him up for all of us" (8:32).
34. The risen Jesus, now at "the right hand of God," "intercedes for us" (8:34).
35. Jesus's love for us cannot be stopped by anything in the universe; his love is God's love (8:35-39).
36. Jesus fulfills and replaces the Law as a source of righteousness (right standing) before God (10:4).
37. Jesus is Lord (10:9).
38. No one who trusts in Jesus will be put to shame before God (10:11).
39. The Good News concerning Jesus is the basis of our faith (10:17).
40. The followers of Jesus are "one body" in him (12:5).
41. We are to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" to avoid sin (13:14).
42. We are to live and to die to Jesus (14:8).
43. Jesus died and was raised "so that he might be Lord of the dead and the living" (14:9).
44. The person who serves Jesus is "well-pleasing to God" (14:18).
45. Jesus "did not please himself" but lived for the good of others; we are to do the same (15:2-3).
46. Jesus has "received us, for the glory of God" (15:7).
47. Jesus became a "servant" of Jews in order to fulfill God's promises even to Gentiles (15:8-9).
48. Jesus deserves all credit for his work through his followers (15:18).
49. Jesus blesses his people (15:29).
50. We approach God "through Jesus Christ" (16:27).

Jesus in 1 Corinthians

1. Paul was "called" as an apostle of Jesus (1:1).
2. The church of God is "sanctified" (set apart) and "called as saints" in Jesus (1:2).
3. The church calls on the name of Jesus as "Lord" (1:2).
4. "Grace and peace" come from Jesus and His Father (1:3,4).
5. The witness to Jesus was confirmed among the Corinthians (1:6).
6. Christians eagerly await the "revealing" of Jesus in the "day" of Jesus (1:7,8).
7. Christians are called into the "fellowship of God's Son, Jesus Christ our Lord" (1:9).
8. Jesus sent Paul "to preach the Good News" concerning the "cross of Christ" (1:17).
9. Paul preached "Christ crucified," even though it was "foolishness to Gentiles" (1:23).
10. Jesus is the "power of God" and the "wisdom of God" (1:24).
11. Jesus is "wisdom for us from God, and righteousness and sanctification and redemption" (1:30).
12. Among the Corinthians, Paul preached nothing but "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" (2:2).
13. Christians have "the mind of Christ" (2:16).
14. Jesus Christ is the sole "foundation" of God's church (3:11).
15. Paul and Apollos were "servants of Christ" and even "fools" for the sake of Christ (4:1,10).
16. The Lord (Jesus), rather than humans, judges Christians; Jesus is our sole Judge (4:4).
17. "Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed" (5:7).
18. Christians are "washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" (6:11).
19. The physical bodies of Christians are "members of Christ" and thus are not to be defiled (6:15).
20. A Christian is a "slave of Christ" (7:22).
21. There is one Lord (namely, Jesus Christ), through whom all things exist (8:6).
22. People "for whom Christ died" are not to be harmed by our misuse of Christian liberty (8:11).
23. In sinning against Christians, we "sin against Christ" (8:12).
24. Paul had "seen Jesus our Lord" (9:1).
25. The Good News, according to Paul, is "the Good News of Christ" (9:12).
26. Paul is not without God's law but is "within Christ's law" (9:21).
27. Christ gave spiritual drink to Moses and the Israelites in Old Testament times (10:4).
28. We are not to put Christ to the test as the Israelites did (10:9).
29. At communion we share in "the blood of Christ" and "the body of Christ" (10:16).
30. Paul is an "imitator" of Christ, and Christians are to follow suit (11:1).
31. Christ is "the head of every man," and "God is the head of Christ" (11:3).
32. "In the night in which he was betrayed," Jesus inaugurated the Lord's Supper (11:23).
33. "No one can say ‘‘Jesus is Lord' except by the Holy Spirit" (12:3).
34. The church is "the body of Christ and individually members of it" (12:27).
35. The Good News preached by Paul included that (a) "Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures", (b) he was buried, (c) he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures, (d) he was seen by Peter and the twelve apostles, then by more than 500 followers at once, then by James and all the apostles, and finally by Paul (15:3-9).
36. "If Christ has not been raised, ... your faith is empty" (15:14; cf. 15:19).
37. "Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have died" (15:20).
38. "In Christ all will be made alive" (15:22).39. Christ will "deliver the kingdom to God," after he has abolished opposing powers, including death (15:24).
40. In the end, "the Son will be subjected to the One who subjected all things under him" (15:28).
41. God "gives us the victory (over sin and death) through our Lord Jesus Christ" (15:57).
42. We should always "abound in the work of the Lord"; this is never in vain (15:58).
43. "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you" (16:23).